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In culture jamming on 04/12/2012 at 8:00 am


The Adventures of Tintin Season Two

(Shout! Factory)

So much better than Steven Spielberg’s recent big-screen CGI adaptation, the 1990s TV show about a young reporter and his Indiana Jones-like adventures is more in the spirit of the original classic French comics. All 13 episodes from the second season are collected on this double-DVD set, and most of them are two-part stories, all built on solid narrative, characters, and animation.


Madonna: Truth or Dare


The 1991 backslapping documentary about the pop icon’s Blond Ambition tour – finally available on Blu-ray – really only comes to life when she plays around backstage with willing boys toys Warren Beatty and Kevin Costner. But these behind-the-scenes moments can be revealing, especially when Madonna takes off her cone-shaped bra and lets her guard down for the cameras.


Mass Effect 3


Despite its controversial ending, the third chapter in this terrific series (for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) is one of the year’s best games. It plays a bit differently than the previous two outings – it’s more shooter than RPG this time – but every decision you make, and have made in past games, affects your outcome here. Prepare to spend some major time with this epic space opera.


MLB 12 The Show


Just in time for opening day, our favorite baseball game series (for the PlayStation 3 and Vita) returns with some new features, like more realistic ball physics and even more control of your dynasty – like we don’t spend enough time building the perfect Tribe team. But it’s the familiar gameplay and attention to detail that make this one of the best sports games around.


Lionel Richie: Tuskegee

(Mercury Nashville)

No surprise that Lionel Richie’s country album sounds so damn good: The dude wrote and recorded songs more than 30 years ago that were tailor-made for the genre, like “Easy” and “Sail On.” Tuskegee gathers 13 Richie classics and pairs him with Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Willie Nelson, and others. The duets may be the draw to the album, but the timeless songs carry it.


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