michael gallucci


In this week's new home video releases on 02/27/2012 at 8:00 am

Hugo (Paramount)

Two of the best films that came out last year celebrated the movies themselves, specifically their early pioneering days. The Artist is a spot-on homage – black-and-white, silent, and filled with life. Martin Scorsese’s terrific family fantasy is a different kind of tribute, a wide-eyed view of the world seen from the eyes of a boy who lives inside of a Paris train station. His adventures lead directly to one of the fathers of modern cinema, Georges Méliès, who opened up a universe of possibilities for directors like Scorsese more than a hundred years ago. Watch Hugo on Blu-ray and lose yourself in its gorgeous-looking history lesson that never fails to entertain, thrill, and delight.

Answers to Nothing (Lionsgate)

Unfunny comedian Dane Cook and the woman who played Juliet on Lost star in this low-budget bomb that tries to pull together multiple storylines, just like in Crash. But all of their boring tales add up to a whole lotta, yep, nothing.

I Melt With You (Magnolia)

Four fortysomething college pals (played by insufferable douchebags like Jeremy Piven and Rob Lowe) get together to talk about old times – and do lots of drugs and drink lots of booze. The big twist is kinda stupid.

Johnny English Reborn (Universal)

Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean, as most of you know him) plays an incompetent spy in this sequel to a movie not too many people saw. Might be your thing if you think James Bond needs more groin shots.


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