michael gallucci


In album review on 11/23/2011 at 10:08 am


Here and Now


Nickelback catch a lot of hate for being Nickelback. There are worse bands out there, but there’s also an overwhelming amount of cheese in their music that makes them such easy targets. On their seventh album, they stick to what they know best: strip clubs, bars, and rocking your ass off. From the thundering opening attack of “This Means War,” Here and Now drives itself forward with bone-crushing riffs and Chad Kroeger’s empty declarations of hardy partying, which he sings with such throat-shredding conviction you might be temporarily fooled into thinking he’s on to something. But then you realize his barstool manifestos (“Grab a Jim Beam, JB, whatever you need/Have a shot from the bottle, doesn’t matter to me” from “Bottoms Up”) and stripper tributes (“She’s gonna lick my pistol clean” he says of the lucky lady of “Midnight Queen”) don’t mean a damn thing.


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