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In this week's new home video releases on 09/26/2011 at 8:00 am

Carlos (Criterion)

One of last year’s best movies gets the royal Criterion treatment, complete with bonus features that pry beneath the film’s surface. Olivier Assayas’ five-and-a-half-hour epic is a real butt-number, no doubt about it. But almost every minute is dedicated to propelling the fascinating story of Carlos the Jackal, the Venezuelan terrorist whose relentless barrage of bombings, hijackings, and kidnappings in the ’70s and ’80s made him one of the most feared men on the planet. Édgar Ramírez (also good in The Bourne Ultimatum) plays the politically righteous Carlos as a swashbuckling rock star with a submachine gun.

Ben-Hur 50th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition (Warner)

One of Hollywood’s greatest spectacles celebrates 50 years with a three-disc Blu-ray set that’s just as massive as the movie. Extras include a new documentary with tons of behind-the-scenes footage. And just wait till you see the famous chariot race scene in HD.

Hung: The Complete Second Season (HBO)

HBO’s comedy series about a guy with a huge dick settles into a more relaxed groove during its second season, but it still can’t quite overcome its one-note setup. There’s more character development in these 10 episodes, but you still can’t shake the fact you’re watching a show about somebody’s gigantic genitalia.

Mimic: The Director’s Cut (Lionsgate)

Guillermo del Toro famously battled his bosses when he was making his first American movie, a 1997 thriller starring Mira Sorvino and a bunch of giant cockroaches. This director’s version includes seven additional minutes, and it’s a way better movie because of them. New extras round out the Blu-ray.


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