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In this week's new home video releases on 09/19/2011 at 8:00 am

Bridesmaids (Universal)

Why do boys get to have all the fun? That’s the big question hanging over this distaff Hangover. But once the raunchy movie settles into a groove, which is almost immediately, it turns out to be a whole lot better than just a bunch of cooter jokes. You can thank a great cast (including Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Ellie Kemper) and sharp script (the super-funny Wiig co-wrote with Annie Mumolo) for keeping it on track and giving it just the right amount of heart. The Bridesmaids gals almost beat the Hangover guys at their own game, delivering a wild ride that nobody can, or wants to, remember.

Dumbo (Disney)

The flying elephant with the ginormous ears celebrates his 70th anniversary on this Blu-ray debut, which includes some deleted scenes and songs, plus a couple of old Disney cartoons. The movie has never looked better, especially the famous Pink Elephants on Parade sequence, the aftermath of Dumbo and pal’s boozy night out.


Les Cousins (Criterion)

New Wave master Claude Chabrol’s 1959 character study about two young men, direct opposites, coming of age in Paris plays even deeper and darker on this terrific Blu-ray set. A new documentary taps cast and crew for insight; film-snob commentary puts it all in perspective.




MAD Season 1 Part 1 (Warner)

This isn’t the Saturday Night Live ripoff that inexplicably ran for 14 seasons, but a Cartoon Network show that premiered last year. The 13 animated episodes come much closer to the magazine’s surreal trip through pop culture. We particularly like the Lord of the Rings parody “Malcolm in the Middle Earth.”



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