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In this week's new home video releases on 06/27/2011 at 8:00 am

Sucker Punch(Warner)

Director Zack Snyder has proven repeatedly in his short career that style always trumps substance. 300 is the obvious starting point, but think about Watchmen and Dawn of the Dead – good movies, but their stories ride shotgun to Snyder’s visual flair. He doesn’t even bother much with narrative in Sucker Punch, but damn if it doesn’t look great, especially on Blu-ray. Emily Browning and her crew of kick-ass babes fight their way out of mental-institution hell. Once Snyder gets that out of the way, he’s free to pile on the awesome. The Blu-ray includes a longer version, adding almost 20 minutes to one of the best-looking movies of the year.

Barney’s Version(Sony)

Paul Giamatti plays an aging TV producer who reflects on his life in this smart, sly movie. As always, Giamatti is a marvel to watch, oozing charm as a guy who can be sort of a dick. Dustin Hoffman, as Barney’s dad, almost makes up for his part in the Focker movies.




The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition(Warner)

The expanded versions of Peter Jackson’s already-butt-numbing classics are, without doubt, exercises in endurance. But the payoff is more than worth it. They make their Blu-ray debut in this 15-disc box that adds more than 24 hours of extras. Good thing you don’t have a life.

Season of the Witch(Twentieth Century Fox)

Nicolas Cage’s movie-a-month campaign continues with this stinker about a medieval knight who travels across treacherous lands to deliver a woman accused of being a witch to a monastery. A bunch of supernatural stuff happens along the way. Cage’s acting isn’t one of them. 


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