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In this week's new home video releases on 06/06/2011 at 8:00 am

Sanctum (Universal) — When James Cameron isn’t technically revolutionizing movies with instant classics like Avatar, he’s serving as executive producer on empty eye candy like this boring thriller set in the claustrophobic world of underwater caves. An expedition team dives deep into the abyss, and it isn’t long before they’re being knocked off one by one. It all looks awesome in Blu-ray and 3-D, but if you’re not rocking both of those, you’re left with a soggy waste of time. Bonus features include several different commentaries offering perspective on a movie that really doesn’t require any.

American: The Bill Hicks Story (BBC)

Hicks, one of the sharpest and smartest comedians of the past 20 years, was just hitting his stride when he died of cancer in 1994. This documentary takes a look at his short life, keeping most of the focus on his work. Extras include lots of footage from his hilarious stand-up shows.

The Company Men (Anchor Bay/Weinstein)

The cast – including Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, and Kevin Costner – sells this so-so story about a group of men struggling to maintain some dignity after they get laid off. The movie doesn’t hit nearly as hard as it thinks it does, but economic ruin sucks either way. Even when it happens to Ben Affleck.

The Outlaw Josey Wales (Warner)

Clint Eastwood’s 1976 western about a mysterious gunman out for vengeance gets the deluxe Blu-ray book treatment, complete with a new documentary and critical commentary. This was Eastwood’s last good movie as director until his resurgence with the even-better Unforgiven.


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