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In album review on 04/29/2011 at 10:05 am

Sarah Jarosz

Follow Me Down

(Sugar Hill)

While it’s easy to draw comparisons between 19-year-old bluegrass prodigy Sarah Jarosz and Alison Krauss, who also released her first album when she was a teenager, Jarosz isn’t a traditionalist like the older star. Like many kids her age, she grew up on Radiohead and Bob Dylan, who happen to be the authors of the only two songs Jarosz didn’t have a hand in writing on her second album. She doesn’t rethink Dylan’s “Ring Them Bells” or Radiohead’s “The Tourist,” but they’re representative of Follow Me Down’s bluegrass-for-the-21st-century mindset. Jarosz plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, and piano, so there are plenty of times she shows off her chops here. But like Krauss, she hasn’t quite figured out how to make a great album. For all of its virtuosic delights, Follow Me Dow is a little dull, a pleasant album whose intentions are better than the results.


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