michael gallucci


In album review on 04/28/2011 at 10:00 am

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi



Talk about dedication: Producer Danger Mouse and Italian composer Daniele Luppi started this project five years ago, when they gathered many of the original musicians who worked on movies like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and recorded them in the Rome studios founded by Ennio Morricone. The result is an album that’s both a tribute to classic ’60s film scores and a modern-day take on them. Guests like Jack White and Norah Jones show up for a few cuts, but Rome totally belongs to Danger Mouse and Luppi, who layer soft-strumming guitars, rolling percussion, and tons of moody sounds into the 15 songs. The pair previously worked together on last year’s Broken Bells album, and Rome takes a similar path to its distinctive soundscapes. Tracks like “The Rose With a Broken Neck” and “Two Against One” come off like a super-cool soundtrack to a long-lost movie.


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