michael gallucci


In album review on 04/20/2011 at 10:08 am

Stevie Nicks

In Your Dreams


Despite her long career and legend status, Stevie Nicks is only as good as her collaborators. Think Lindsey Buckingham, who guided her through her prime Fleetwood Mac years, or Prince’s royal synths on “Stand Back.” On her first album in a decade, Nicks teams up with Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard (best known for his work with Alanis Morissette) for an album that embraces both Nicks’ witchy-woman persona (“Moonlight”) and ’70s-era FM-radio rock (“For What It’s Worth”). That combo does little to lift Nicks or In Your Dreams out of their soggy pasts. Which is probably the point. Still, “Secret Love” is her best single since “Talk to Me,” and “Italian Summer” shows some spark. Too bad so much of Dreams is such a snooze.

  1. Ouch! “A snooze?” I know what I’ll be doing on May 3rd. I will have my headphones on and my finger on the repeat button! I caught the “Heart and Soul” tour last night in Seattle and found Stevie, 62 years old, looking beautiful and sounding great! She’s an original and unique talent.And if she’s only as good as her collaboraters (who isn’t?) Then she sure knows how to pick em’.Michael, don’t be surprised if you get some hate mail from her loyal listeners. It’s been 10 years since her last CD, and the anticipation for “In Your Dreams” is building..There’s no one like her!

    • Mike I bet your personel music collection has album covers plastered with industry created sluts slapping the world in the face with thier vagina’s and the boy bands who love them.(being nice with the language,you know what im thinking) Much like ladies of Hollywood Stevie proves that your age is kept inside your mind.I thank the older rock stars for holding on to what little dignity the music industry has. Creating sharp contrast to the good looking puppets turning the next generation into naked idiots. I do like and listen to alot of todays music .from Britney to Miranda Lambert… Kanye to Merle Haggard.listen to the words dude. some songs are for listening to and the rest are let’s say “made for T.V.” just to watch..If Stevie Nicks music is as you say “soggy” it would be from the sweat and tears being put into the songs..Music to listen to. Open your ears now and quit letting the eye candy rolling around on t.v. make you forget what music is about. a good writer you are, a good listener your not. R Bird ,36 Calif.

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