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In this week's new home video releases on 03/28/2011 at 8:00 am

Black Swan (Twentieth Century Fox)

Now that all the Oscar talk and buzzy chitchat surrounding Black Swan is over, can we get down to how fucked up Darren Aronofksy’s backstage thriller really is? Natalie Portman gives the performance of her career as a ballet dancer whose descent into madness arrives just as she lands her first big role. Coincidence? Her transformation into the aggressive, paranoid, and sinister black swan is a mindblower on so many levels. Aronofsky has made visually stunning films before; this is his dazzling best. The best extra on the Blu-ray is a three-part behind-the-scenes feature called “Metamorphosis,” just in case you were sketchy about what really happened to the cute dancer.

All Good Things (Magnolia)

Ryan Gosling is good in this otherwise plodding movie about one of New York’s most famous unsolved murder cases. Rich boy meets working-class girl, marries her, and argues with her. Then she disappears. Did the spoiled, controlling creep do it? Hmmm …

Fair Game (Summit)

Naomi Watts plays spy Valerie Plame-Wilson and Sean Penn is her ambassador husband in this real-life thriller about the CIA agent whose cover was leaked in a political face slap. Bonus: the Wilsons offer insightful commentary throughout, breaking down fact and fiction.

Tangled (Walt Disney)

This breezy but forgettable CGI take on the Rapunzel fairy tale isn’t sure if it’s old-school (Mandy Moore breaks into song!) or new-school (Mandy Moore doesn’t need any boy to do her ass-kicking!). So it sits blandly between eras. Extras include deleted scenes.



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