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In culture jamming on 11/24/2010 at 8:00 am


DJ Hero 2


The sequel to last year’s game-changer (Guitars? They’re so 2008) beefs up with a brand-new set list featuring tracks by Lady Gaga and Kanye West. There’s also freestyle play, where you can spin, scratch, sample, and wikki-wikki-wikki all you want. Best of all, the multiplayer mode lets you team up with another turntablist and singer for a real block party. Yes yes y’all!


Bob Dylan by Greil Marcus: Writings 1968-2010

(Public Affairs)

Marcus is one of the world’s brainiest rock critics. Dylan is one of the world’s brainiest singer-songwriters. It’s a perfect match! This hefty book gathers 42 years’ worth of Marcus’ writings about Dylan – from his famous dismissal of 1970’s Self Portrait (“What is this shit?”) to musings on recent albums. Revelation: Marcus is more consistent than his subject over time.


Eye of the Devil, The Green Slime

(Warner Archives)

Two new releases from the made-on-demand Archives series (available at wbshop.com) spotlight ’60s monster movies, and the results are very much of their era. David Niven stars in the witches-and-warlocks shocker Eye of the Devil. But The Green Slime is the keeper, a proto-Alien movie about a space station overtaken by a giant mass of walking seaweed. Groovy!


Loretta Lynn and Friends: Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute to Loretta Lynn

(Columbia Nashville)

The best songs on this 12-track album (in which the star duets with popular rock and country artists) come from the most unlikely collaborators. Jack White produced Lynn’s terrific Van Lear Rose album in 2004, and the White Stripes’ take on “Rated X” here is killer. But best is Paramore’s “You Ain’t Woman Enough,” where Hayley Williams lets her Tennessee roots shine.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

(Twentieth Century Fox)

The campy favorite celebrates its 35th anniversary with its Blu-ray debut. The movie still isn’t very good, but it’s a cultural milestone that pops in the new HD transfer. There are plenty of extras for fanboys, including karaoke tracks, deleted scenes, and a picture-in-picture feature that lets you experience the movie just like you would in a crowded theater. Bring toast!


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