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Real-time strategy games are usually about as fun as reading something educational during summer vacation. But this World War II-based one (for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC) actually works your brain and is loads of fun to play. The key here is to second-guess your enemies on the battlefield and in the war room. Spray-painting opponents isn’t an option.


David Bowie: Station to Station: Special Edition


One of Bowie’s best (and often overlooked) albums gets the deluxe treatment with a three-disc special edition that adds a previously unreleased 1976 concert. But the original album (also from 1976) is the reason to pick it up. “Golden Years” was the hit, but the sprawling, ten-minute title track is the record’s showstopper. It’s all noise, buzz, and coke-fueled rambling.


Mad Ron’s Prevues From Hell


This terrific disc gathers four dozen trailers from some of the goriest horror movies of the ’60s and ’70s. You’ve heard of some of them (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), but probably not most (Three on a Meathook). Includes plenty of eyeball-gouging, blood-drinking, limb-snacking creatures. If only one of the demons had ripped out the ventriloquist host’s throat.


Star Wars: Millennium Falcon – A 3-D Owner’s Guide


Don’t fret about having nothing to do Saturday night because everyone thinks you’re a geek. This detailed book will keep you busy. Han Solo’s kick-ass ride is stripped to a series of layers that reveal things you never knew were there. We’ve all heard about the secret cargo compartments, but did you know Chewie had a rumpus room in the bottom level?


The 25th Anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concerts

(Time Life)

Remember those 25th anniversary concerts the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame held for itself last year? The ones that weren’t in Cleveland? The ones that included performances by Bruce Springsteen, U2, and others teaming up to cover rock & roll classics? You can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home with these three discs without a loud drunk guy sitting in front of you.


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