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I’m Having Fun Now

(Warner Bros.)

On the surface, Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice don’t seem to have much in common. She’s a 34-year-old former child actress from Los Angeles; he’s a 27-year-old fan of 1970s singer-songwriters raised in Glasgow. But they share a knack for crafting super-hooky songs that sound like they came out of a Laurel Canyon living room circa 1977 — she in a series of solo records and with Rilo Kiley over the past decade; he on a pair of overlooked CDs since 2005. The real-life couple isn’t all hugs and kisses on their first album as a duo, but there’s palpable passion running through its grooves. I’m Having Fun Now’s best songs – “Scissor Runner,” “Big Wave,” “Committed” — ride jangling power-pop riffs as Lewis and Rice trade sweet, but occasionally barbed, harmonies alongside them. It’s the sound of a partly cloudy summer.

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