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Queens of the Stone Age: Rated R – Deluxe Edition


The fuzz-lovin’ stoner rockers’ breakthrough album celebrates its tenth anniversary with a two-CD set. “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” (which runs down a list of drugs that were most likely ingested during the making of the record) is one of the band’s best songs. Extras include B-sides (a cover of Romeo Void’s “Never Say Never” kills) and a live show. Fire up the bong!


James and the Giant Peach: Special Edition


This 1996 stop-motion fantasy is based on a Roald Dahl book, but it’s more Tim Burton in tone (director Henry Selick also helmed Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas). The extras-stuffed Blu-ray combo pack looks stunning. The story is about a little boy who climbs inside a ginormous piece of fruit and discovers a whole new, mind-blowing world. Fire up the bong!


My Appetite for Destruction


How much of fuck-up do you need to be to get booted out of Guns N’ Roses? Drummer Steven Adler dishes the details in his memoir. Adler was fired from GNR in 1990 – before Axl Rose lost his mind – because of his out-of-control drug problem. His life is filled with sex, booze, and eventual recovery. Dude sounds like an asshole, but his stories are totally absorbing.


Still on the Road

(Chicago Review)

Clinton Heylin’s exhaustive breakdown of every song Bob Dylan has ever written continues in this second volume, which covers the years 1974 through 2006. More than 300 songs are covered here – including cuts from the seething divorce masterpiece Blood on the Tracks and the career-resuscitating Time Out of Mind. Heylin even dissects “Wiggle Wiggle.”


Roger Corman’s Cult Classics

(Shout! Factory)

The latest Corman classics from the’70s and ’80s includes a pair of giant-monster movies that pay tribute to the filmmaker’s 1950s roots. Forbidden World (from 1982) gets the two-disc special-edition treatment, including a never-seen director’s cut. Galaxy of Terror (1981) comes with more modest packaging, but it’s no less special. It’s like Alien with a giant, horny worm.


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