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Perfume Genius



Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas has a lot in common with Daniel Johnston: Both make low-fi pop records filled with bits and pieces of songs. Both have spare, wobbly voices that sound like they’re about to crack under the pressure of performing. And both reveal more of their fractured psyches than they probably intend to. At times, Hadreas’ debut album – clocking in at less than 30 minutes – barely makes it through the scarred, emotional wasteland of his heart. Lost families, gay angels, and dead people populate Learning. In the album’s most riveting cut, “Mr. Peterson,” a teen smokes pot in his teacher’s truck, listens to the Joy Division tape he made him, and begins a sexual relationship that doesn’t end well. It’s brutally real stuff by an artist who gets lost in his own head because it’s usually the safest place.


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