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Sheryl Crow

100 Miles From Memphis


Sheryl Crow’s seventh album is no Dusty in Memphis. But what is? Still, 100 Miles From Memphis is an admirable, and occasionally sluggish, tribute to ’60s-style R&B. The Stax/Volt roster is the reference point here, but Crow also dips into Al Green’s ’70s version (his best records were recorded in Memphis) and Motown (she covers the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” as a bonus track). Horns soar and guitars slide in the album’s best cuts: “Our Love Is Fading,” “Summer Day,” “Peaceful Feeling.” Crow seems to have a real affinity for the music, but she doesn’t really have the voice to pull it off. Dusty Springfield’s smoky rasp gave *Dusty In Memphis* its distinctive tone; Crow’s reedy pipes can’t quite pull off the same feats on 100 Miles From Memphis. But after the worldly, taxing browbeating of her last two records, it’s nice to hear Crow kicking back and enjoying life again.


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