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U2360° at the Rose Bowl


U2’s 2009 Rose Bowl concert – the one that was beamed out live on YouTube and attracted something like seven zillion viewers – comes to DVD with a panoramic view of the on-stage action. The band tears through several No Line on the Horizon songs, but there’s also plenty of classics (“With or Without You,” a revelatory “Ultra Violet”) to keep you cheering.


Elvis 75th Birthday Collection

(Twentieth Century Fox/MGM)

All the recent CDs celebrating the King’s birthday are cool, but this DVD box – which gathers seven movies from Elvis’ erratic Hollywood career – makes a perfect companion. The films stretch from the pretty-good (Flaming Star) to the kinda-awful (Clambake). Elvis shows his range throughout, playing a boxer, a soldier, even an American Indian. Thanyouverymuch.


Green Day: Rock Band


Yeah, I’m tired of all these Guitar Hero and Rock Band offshoots too. But this outing (for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii) featuring modern-day punks and Broadway stars Green Day is a no-brainer. Who hasn’t rocked out to air-guitar versions of “Basket Case” and “American Idiot”? Creepy fact: The drummer and bass player are just as annoying as video-game avatars.

Neil Young’s Greendale


Neil Young’s 2003 concept album is a sprawling mess. The movie isn’t much better. But this graphic novel actually makes sense of the story about a small California town and its effect on one family. There’s an environmental message at the center of all this (duh — it’s called Greendale), which comes through much clearer without pesky guitar solos cluttering up the narrative.


Oasis: Time Flies … 1994-2009

(Big Brother/Columbia)

Oasis transcended the stifling Britpop genre with two great albums in the mid-’90s. This two-disc set compiles 27 songs from the band’s career (most of them were chart-topping U.K. singles, including a 1994 rarity). The best songs — “Roll With It,” “Wonderwall,” “Champagne Supernova” — still sound fresh, exploding with hooks as big as the Gallagher brothers’ egos.


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