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Rock ‘N’ Roll High School: 30th Anniversary Special Edition

(Shout! Factory)

The Ramones show their solidarity for a group of students standing up to their rock ‘n’ roll-hating principal by playing some songs in this ’70s exploitation movie, which is part of Roger Corman’s Cult Classics series. The 30th-anniversary DVD includes commentary by Corman, a making-of documentary, and audio outtakes of the Ramones practicing three chords.


Bump in the Night: The Complete Series

(Shout! Factory)

This four-disc box includes all 26 episodes of the short-lived 1994-95 claymation series, as well as an hour-long Christmas special. Bump’s star is a green monster who lives under the bed and eats dirty socks. His best friend is a squishy blue creature who hangs out in the bathroom. And the greatest episode, “Night of the Living Bread,” is about a zombie-like slice of bread.

It Looks Like a C***k!

(St. Martin’s Griffin)

This book (compiled by two guys named “Ben & Jack,” who apparently have a lot of spare time) gathers dozens of photos of things from around the world that resemble dicks. There’s a cactus that looks like a penis. There’s a cloud that looks like a penis. That guy kissing a dolphin? Looks like he’s kissing a penis, doesn’t it? Can’t wait for the sequel: Looks Like a Cooter.


Pogo Stylus

(Ten One Design)

I love my iPod Touch. But I hate scrolling through all my apps when I’m eating Cheetos. It gets the screen all slimy and orange. This cool stylus (which is compatible with the Touch, iPhone, iPad, and probably anything else you can poke) solves the problem. It also helps if you have fat fingers. It comes in four colors. Unfortunately, Cheeto orange isn’t one of them.


Star Wars Head to Head


If you ever wondered who’d win a fight between Jar Jar Binks and Jabba the Hutt, this one’s for you. This fun book (loaded with photos and facts) pits characters and vehicles from the Star Wars universe against each other to see who’d triumph in battle. There are endless combinations. By the way, Jabba wins, hands down (or rather butt down), by sitting on Jar Jar. Yes!


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