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The Red Shoes

Michael Powell’s best film (which he co-directed with Emeric Pressburger) is a luscious candy-colored valentine to the art of movement. Basically a ballet fantasy wrapped in a thin plot about a dancer torn between her career and her boyfriend, The Red Shoes celebrates both stage performance and cinema with its spacious palette. Moira Shearer plays Victoria, a ballerina who’s sacrificed any semblance of a life for controlling mentor Boris (Anton Walbrook). When she falls for the young composer of “The Red Shoes” – the ballet Boris has commissioned to make Victoria a star – she must choose between her art and her heart. But the narrative is a mere catalyst for the directors, stars, and the rest of the cast and crew to dive into the world of dance like no movie has before or since. The centerpiece, which is based on a Hans Christian Andersen tale, is the titular ballet, a stunning piece of filmmaking by Powell and cinematographer Jack Cardiff. The movie was recently restored, so the old-school Technicolor virtually pops from the screen in this new print.


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