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South Park: The Complete Thirteenth Season Uncensored

(Comedy Central/Paramount)

Kanye West, Somalian pirates and Glenn Beck are brilliantly skewered in South Park’s 13th season. All 14 episodes are gathered on the three DVDs included in this set, which includes deleted scenes for the first time. “Fishsticks” and “The F Word” are season highlights, but best is “Margaritaville,” in which Kyle and Stan take on the recession.


Echoes: The Complete History of Pink Floyd

(Chicago Review)

This comprehensive look at one of rock’s most durable groups is part encyclopedia, part fan scrapbook. Glenn Povey includes tons of photos of the group — from its early days as LSD trippers’ favorite companion band to its status as one of the bestselling groups on the planet. But the extensive concert lists and discographies make it an outstanding reference source.


I Am Ozzy

(Grand Central)

Ozzy Osbourne dishes on his life in this mesmerizing autobiography – and it’s just as fucked-up as you’d expect it to be. Not so surprisingly, many of the stories include booze or drugs or a wild combination of them. He writes about his marriage, his kids and his music. Most of all, he writes about the crazy Ozzy things he’s done over the years, like biting the heads off of bats.


Len Price 3: Pictures

(Wicked Cool)

These British garage-punks (there are three of them, but nobody is named Len Price) sound a lot like mid-’60s Kinks and the Who, before they got too fancy. Their third album is stuffed with three-chord two-minute songs about boys, girls and places they know. The rave-ups pack a whole lotta power, highlighted by runaway drums and random bursts of feedback. Fab!


Napoleon Total War


The latest entry in this war-strategy series (for the PC) puts gamers in Napoleon’s tiny boots, as he marches across Europe on his way to Waterloo. The combat action is awesome, but Napoleon Total War is just as much about keeping your men fed, warm and ready to fight. There’s plenty of history here too, among all the massive battles you’ll get caught up in.


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