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Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side

(Twentieth Century Fox)

Family Guy’s second Star Wars spoof is just as funny as 2007’s Blue Harvest. The hour-long DVD (which will air on Fox in the spring) retells The Empire Strikes Back from the perspective of Peter (as Han Solo), Chris (Luke Skywalker) and Brian (Chewbacca). Cleveland’s R2-D2 and Stewie’s Darth Vader get the best lines.


James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game


The movie is a hi-tech knockout. The game – for every console known to man and Na’vi – is a button-mashing tie-in with the same spirit. It’s a third-person shooter, so be prepared to kick ass with various weapons in the jungle setting. Best of all, you can play as either humans or aliens. Either way, there’s plenty of Pandora to explore from mission to mission.


District 9


One of last year’s best movies looks absolutely stunning on Blu-ray, which zeroes in on the story of displaced aliens and one man’s literal transformation. The payoff finale delivers, but it’s the buildup that counts, as you’re drawn into the world of Johannesburg slums and out-of-this-world weaponry. Lots of cool extras here, including tons of deleted scenes.


Iron Man: Armored Adventures Volume 2

(Marvel Animation/Method/Genius/Vivendi)

Unlike the hit movie, this animated TV show features a teenage Tony Stark putting on an iron suit to fight baddies. But it’s totally fun, especially when heroes and villains collide. This disc includes six episodes (you can find the first six on Volume 1, which was released in October), including a story arc starring the awesome Living Laser.


Robot Chicken Season 4

(Adult Swim/Warner)

The fourth season of this hilarious stop-motion series takes on SpongeBob SquarePants, Star Trek, Indiana Jones and T-Pain. The two-disc set includes all 20 episodes plus tons of special features, like deleted scenes, commentary, alternate audio and clips from the creators’ Comic-Con panel appearances. Plus, the recently aired Christmas special is here.

–Michael Gallucci

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