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Rod Stewart

Atlantic Crossing

A Night on the Town

(Warner Bros.)

Rod Stewart book-ended the ’70s with a great album (Every Picture Tells a Story) and a lousy one (Blondes Have More Fun). In between, he made a series of records that juggled a formula that pretty much got him through the decade: a side of rockers, a side of ballads, some well-known covers, some obscure covers, and a bunch of songs you’ll probably never want to hear again. Atlantic Crossing, from 1975, was Stewart’s second bomb in a row (following the previous year’s dismal Smiler), and his first album since moving to L.A. It’s hollow, tossed-off, and reflective of his new Hollywood lifestyle. The following year’s A Night on the Town is much better, thanks to some great songs, including “Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright),” “The First Cut Is the Deepest,” and “The Killing of Georgie.” It was all downhill after this. These two-disc collectors’ editions include outtakes and alternate versions that provide little new insight into the period. –Michael Gallucci

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