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The Who Sell Out: Deluxe Edition


The Who’s 1967 concept album gets super-sized on this two-CD set that includes more than 25 bonus songs. Released the same year as other rock milestones (like Sgt. PepperAre You Experienced?), The Who Sell Out plays like a pirate-radio broadcast, complete with commercials. Songs like “I Can See for Miles” steer the whole thing. and

Big Star: #1 Record/Radio City


The power-pop pioneers’ first two albums have been available on one disc for years. This latest reissue tags on a couple bonus cuts. The albums themselves – which were released in 1972 and 1974 – remain essential listens, from Alex Chilton’s acoustic “Thirteen” to the windows-down rave-up “September Gurls.”


Gran Torino


Clint Eastwood directed two great movies last year. This one’s the best. Eastwood stars as a hard-drinking, tough-talking racist who reluctantly befriends the immigrant Asian family next door, eventually protecting them from gang members. It’s one his all-time best performances. The Blu-ray and DVD include a look at the classic car in the title.




After a big-ass explosion leaves Cole MacGrath with super electrical powers, it’s up to him (or rather, you) to save the planet. This PlayStation 3 game features tons of action – from zapping bad guys to leaping off buildings. The story’s pretty good, but it’s the gameplay itself that’ll help you lose hours of your life.


Lego Battles

(Warner Bros. Interactive)

This cool little game for the Nintendo DS features 90 different levels of colored bricks shaped like knights, aliens, castles and pirates. It’s sorta like an RPG, as players build bases, teams and vehicles to conquer other Lego armies. The fun multiplayer mode lets you and a pal go at it till all that’s left is a pile of broken bricks. –Michael Gallucci


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