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Miroir Noir


Arcade Fire’s concert DVD is pretty much what you’d expect from a band that includes about 43 members who play instruments most of us can’t pronounce. The 70-minute film is an artsy look at the group’s last tour. Interspersed between song snippets are performances on street corners, in elevators and in hallways. Wacky Canadians!


Black Tooth Grin: The High Life, Good Times, and Tragic End of “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott

(Da Capo)

Writer Zac Crain refers to the day that former Pantera guitarist Abbott was murdered onstage as “the 9/11 of heavy metal.” That may be overstating things, but it’s still a tragic end to a short life. Crain recounts Abbott’s childhood loves (Kiss and Van Halen), his addictions (he was a heavy drinker) and his music (he was killed while playing with his new band).


A Bug’s Life

(Walt Disney Studios)

Just in time for Up, Pixar’s second feature isn’t a visual or storytelling marvel like Ratatouille or WALL-E. But it is a charming and funny tale about feuding insects. This new Blu-ray release looks fantastic and features a ton of extras, including the great Oscar-winning short Geri’s Game, outtakes and a bug-related Disney cartoon from 1934.


Del-Lords reissues

(Collectors’ Choice)

These four New Yorkers helped ignite the roots-rock scene back in the ’80s. Their first three albums – Frontier Days, Johnny Comes Marching Home and Based on a True Story – finally make it to CD. Bonus tracks and liner notes by frontman Scott Kempner round out the working-class anthems, which haven’t lost an ounce of relevance in 25 years.


Chrisette Michele: Epiphany

(Def Jam)

R&B singer Michele’s second album is a breakup record. But Epiphany isn’t looking for an apology, an explanation or even reconciliation. It’s tough, a little hurt and ready to move on. Michele’s jazzy voice glides over the subtle swing of the beats, stopping along the way for gentle oohs and coos. It’s sexy stuff, but don’t get too close – she’ll break your heart.


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