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Dan Auerbach

Keep It Hid


As the singing and guitar-playing half of the Black Keys, Dan Auerbach makes a reverb-drenched racket that falls somewhere between garage-rock primitivism and indie-rock hip. As a solo artist on Keep It Hid, he makes a reverb-drenched racket that sounds an awful lot like his fulltime gig, but with a couple of new turns. Last year’s Attack & Release was heralded as the Keys’ breakthrough, a collaboration with producer Danger Mouse that added nuance to the band’s usual bash-and-smash. But except for some vaguely funky beats here and a synth hum there, the record was pretty much the Black Keys on a slightly larger budget. Keep It Hid continues Auerbach’s adventures outside of the garage. In addition to guitar, he plays drums, keyboards, and percussion. Various friends and family help out too. Opener “Trouble Weighs a Ton” is a front-porch acoustic blues, slowed to a deathly crawl. And “I Want Some More” sounds like one of Tom Waits’ trashcan operettas (Auerbach even sifts his voice through a rusty filter, pulling out its innate rasp). But Auerbach soon settles into his old ways, with bluesy stomp (“Heartbroken, in Disrepair”), nighttime R&B (“Real Desire”), and fuzzy-guitar Stooges rock (“Street Walkin’”). Without Keys cohort Patrick Carney’s slapdash drums, Keep It Hid has more natural swing. But it’s also a solo album that doesn’t stray far from the garage. The basement is about as far as it gets. –Michael Gallucci


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