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REVIEW — Glasvegas

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This Scottish quartet looks like rockabilly revivalists. They throw fuzzy riffs against Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound. And they’ve been called the best new band in Britain. So there’s a lotta baggage that comes with their self-titled debut. But singer James Allan is so perfectly earnest, and the band is so wrapped up in these tales of losers, lovers and cheating hearts that you really can’t imagine them on a smaller scale. “Be My Baby” drums drive opener “Flowers and Football Tops” (about a dead boy), and buzzing guitars ring through “It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry,” in which a bout of infidelity triggers a lifetime of guilt in the narrator. But Allan is most revealing on “Geraldine,” where he’s a sympathetic social worker talking folks through some hard times. It’s Glasvegas at their most compassionate. But just when you think they’re getting soft, the rousing “Go Square Go” ends with a room-shaking “here we fucking go” that’ll have you pounding your fists in appreciation. — Michael Gallucci

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