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REVIEW — Fires of Rome: You Kingdom You

In Uncategorized on 01/09/2009 at 7:53 am

Fires of Rome

You Kingdom You

(The Hours)

N.Y.C. trio Fires of Rome kicks off its debut album with a huge, room-shaking organ that pulses like a mid-’70s prog-rock anthem that never found its footing. By the time singer Andrew Wyatt chimes in like a drunken tourist who got lost on his way back to the hotel, the song, “Dawn Lament,” has picked up snapping guitar fills, rolling drums and a small string section. It’s the start of a sweeping but occasionally directionless CD that skips around mostly pre-1980 genres with equal doses of cheek and recklessness. “It Makes Me Weak” even starts out as a 1970s AM-radio Yacht Rocker before settling into a TV on the Radio groove (yes, a modern-day concession) and then capping off like one of Genesis’ Peter Gabriel-era epics. Throughout You Kingdom You, Fires of Rome tries on some Gang of Four-style faux-funk, T. Rex-like glam-stomp and classic-rock power-trio pomp, all the while cruising in their cherry-red Camaros and hitting on not-so-innocent young virgins. — Michael Gallucci


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